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Orange Hospitality Group specializes in providing customized vendor-on-premises staffing solutions tailored to the hospitality industry.

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Recognizing the significance of reliable and service-oriented staff, our on-site managers thoroughly familiarize themselves with our clients' purpose, goals, and policies. This enables us to assemble a dedicated team that precisely aligns with our clients' requirements.

Each employee is exclusively recruited for their designated worksite based on their abilities and skills, and they undergo comprehensive training to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of their respective work environments.

Thus, our employees possess a profound understanding of their roles and exhibit exceptional competence in fulfilling our clients' mission.

We actively seek out motivated individuals who aspire to gain valuable life experiences, apply their education in a practical setting, acquire professional hands-on experience, or pursue a rewarding career after graduation.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional in the hospitality industry, willing to embrace professional growth and relocation, Orange Hospitality Group presents a compelling option.

At Orange Hospitality Group, we recognize that fostering employee retention is paramount to our enduring success. Therefore, we have developed an array of comprehensive retention and motivation programs to ensure ongoing engagement and satisfaction among our team members.

These programs encompass competitive remuneration packages, enticing benefits, robust opportunities for career advancement, regular performance evaluations, and a range of recognition and reward initiatives.

We offer a mix of Year-round and seasonal positions, with seasonal roles lasting 3 to 10 months. Benefits include competitive pay, paid training, housing, discounted meals, OH Happy Days events access, and local attraction discounts. Current job openings are in the following areas:

Food and Beverage Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available in the food and beverage sector. Duties include food preparation, order taking, serving, cash handling, and cleanliness upkeep. Applicants must be proficient in English, physically strong (able to lift up to 30 lbs), and able to stand for long periods.

Kitchen Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available in our kitchen, including roles as a cook, waiter, dishwasher, or busser. Our kitchen offers a friendly and welcoming environment.

Amusement Attractions Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available at our amusement attractions. Responsibilities include operating rides, guiding guests, and possibly operating ski lifts in winter. Applicants must be proficient in English, able to lift up to 40 lbs, stand for long periods, and adapt to changing weather conditions.

Retail Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available. Duties include guest interaction, shop maintenance, cash register operation, and prolonged standing. Familiarity with US currency and adaptability to varying temperatures are essential.

Accounting Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available. Duties include cash handling, ticketing, and providing ride information. Cash register operation skills, ability to lift 20 lbs, and English proficiency are required. Adaptability to varying temperatures is also essential.

Housekeeping Positions: Year-round and seasonal positions available. Our team plays a crucial role in hotel success by providing spotlessly clean, prompt room service. If you can make guests feel at home, we welcome your application.
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Employee Of The Month

Employeed at Silver Dollar City

We are thrilled to share that Ana Montero has been honored as the Employee of the Month for June 2024 at Silver Dollar City! Her exceptional efficiency and exemplary customer care have earned her this recognition, along with the esteemed Firefighter Certificate 🏅. Since joining us, Ana's unwavering dedication has made her a standout star and a true asset to our team.

Enjoy working with us!

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